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10th Ward Buck is responsible for hits such as "Drop and Gimmie 50," and "Faster." He is co-owner of Finger Lick'N Wings.

Lucky Johnson is CEO of Biggface Muzik and Lucky Johnson Productions. He will be appearing in the movie "Contraband." He is co-owner of Finger Lick'N Wings.

Alison Fensterstock is a New Orleans-based music journalist. Her work has appeared in Paste, MOJO, Q, the Oxford American, Vibe, The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune and Spin.com.

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"I was born to bounce music." -- 10th Ward Buck

Definition of Bounce
The Definition of Bounce
Between Ups and Downs in New Orleans

by 10th Ward Buck
with Alison Fensterstock & Lucky Johnson
215 photographs

Published by New Mouth from the Dirty South

isbn: 9780966646986

Cover photograph by Jordan Blanton. Jacket design by Kevin Stone
204 pages, nonfiction
Printed on permanent paper

$30.36 (24% off the cover price of 39.95)

One of the cooler elements in Definition of Bounce is the collaborative timeline that charts the history of New Orleans rap. We put the timeline online as an updateable document. If you have something to add, please feel free to contribute to the history.

A 204 page, comprehensive photobook that covers bounce music from 10th Ward Buck's perspective. This full-color, multi-contributor flexicover includes a timeline of New Orleans rap that runs from 1984 (a 14-year-old Mia X) to 2010 (Mystikal's comeback show Mardi Gras night at the Mahalia Jackson Theater). Featuring countless photographs of clubs, artists and fans. Printed on permanent paper. Contributors include: Jordan Blanton, Ethan Clark, Robert J. West, Jay Shukla, Abram Shalom Himelstein, Andre Phillipe Bonnet, Abigail Feldman, Erica Stavis and many many people in New Orleans.

"We just have to get that connected, we have to get the world to trust us. And when they trust us, then they'll know we're not going to let them down."
-- 10th Ward Buck

"What makes [bounce] New Orleans music? It would have to be the diversity, as far as the jazzy sound, the blues. It would have to be the block parties. It would have to be the every-weekend party somewhere, in somebody's neighborhood or somebody's park. Bounce is so simple. Bounce is real, real simple. The rest of the industry was like 'That's not even music.' It is. It is our music."
-- Lucky Johnson

"The Definition of Bounce includes first-person anecdotes and commentary from Buck and Lucky Johnson, CEO of Biggface Muzik and co-owner of Finger Lick'n Wings, with contribution from New Orleans music journalism staple Alison Fensterstock. It also features 'A Not at All Complete Account of Significant Occurrences in New Orleans Rap' in the form of a timeline that spans 1984 - 2010, and nearly 200 photos, most of which are pretty amazing."
-- Room 220

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