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Brandong Gentry

Brandon Gentry was born in Charlottesville, Virginia and raised in nearby Rochelle. Having lived in D.C. for nearly a decade, he now lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and two small children. This is his first book.

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Capitol Contingency
Capitol Contingency
Post-Punk, Indie Rock, and Noise Pop in Washington, D.C., 1991-1999

by Brandon Gentry

200 pages

posters, illustrations, covers
cover by Ryan Nelson

$9.99 (U.S.)
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Capitol Contingency chronicles a unique time in a uniquely vibrant music scene: Washington, D.C., 1991-1999. Punk was broken; the Internet had yet to engulf society; the major label compact disc marketing system was in its greatest -- and final -- era of dominance before its file-sharing-imposed collapse. And the nation's capital, already ground zero for some of the nation's best hardcore punk and post-punk sounds, was once again emerging as an incubator of musical innovation. This book looks at crucial albums by bands like Fugazi, Jawbox, Chisel, Unrest, Velocity Girl, and the Dismemberment Plan, using interviews with the artists to explore the abundance of smart, innovative rock and pop coming out of D.C. throughout the '90s.

Ian MacKaye, Ted Leo, Travis Morrison, J. Robbins, Craig Wedren, and others all share their memories of and perspectives on an era and a scene that has come to embody the best aspects of late-century independent American rock music.

"I've read more books about bands than I can remember and few have been as engaging as Capitol Contingency. I highly recommend it for any music fan, but especially for those that enjoy bands such as Dismemberment Plan, Fugazi, Jawbox, etc."
--Dan Corbin, Side One Track One

"Capitol Contingency captures the mood of the time. Gentry has an authenticity as someone who was there and followed these bands from the time he was a teen yet his seasoned knowledge provides an authority on the subject that few could rival."
--Michael Juge

To listen to an interview with Brandon on the Hardly Sound Podcast, click here.


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