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Bill Libby wrote numerous books on sports figures, including Reggie Jackson, Jerry West and Richard Petty. Libby was a sports editor at the Yonkers Herald Statesman and later worked at the New York Post.
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The Three Million Dollar Pitcher

by Bill Libby

223 pages

cover by Kevin Stone

$6.99 (U.S.)

Garrett County Press

Ebook: Kindle, iBooks, NOOK, Google, Kobo

On New Year's Day, 1975, Catfish Hunter left the Oakland A's for a $3,000,000 contract with the New York Yankees, becoming, at the time, the highest-paid pitcher in baseball history. This is the story of the beginning of the modern sports superstar, told by veteran journalist Bill Libby (Parnelli). Libby follows Catfish from his days with the 3-peat Oakland A's to the auction that made him a multi-millionaire. With cooperation from Hunter, Reggie Jackson and numerous players and management, Catfish: the Three Million Dollar Pitcher is a thrilling insider account, an invaluable piece of sports history.


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