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Common Folk started off as the name for a small collective of graffiti artists but soon evolved into a philosophy for everyday life and everyday people. It's an ideology that binds together all people that approach life in creative ways, breeding a common folk atmosphere of inspiration amongst artists, writers, painters, graffiti writers, journalists, photographers, odd thinkers, d.i.y.'ers, doodlers, etc. It's about igniting a thought or sparking a smile on common people, just trying to disrupt the monotony of the all too common daily grind.
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Common Folk Illustrated Journal
Common Folk Illustrated Journal
by Common Folk

isbn: 9781891053054

design by BriarMade
photography by Thomas Hancock
200 pages. softcover (5.5 X 7). sketch book. heavy paper.


"Far more than a nice portable journal for notes, doodles and drawings, the Common Folk Illustrated Journal is an inspirational sketchbook."
--Print Fetish

Constructed of heavy, acid-free, recycled writing paper, the Common Folk Illustrated Journal is the perfect portable book for notes, phone numbers, sketches and ideas. Brooklyn graffiti collective Common Folk carefully illustrated the interior, which alternates 50 contemporary photographs (many of New Orleans and NYC) with blank pages and crosshair guidelines (for precise sketching).

A Sample of Interior Pages:

sample sample sample sample sample

Plus many blank pages for sketching, drawing, planning and writing ...


blank book


blank book



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