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Edwin Abbott Abbott (1838-1926) was educated at the City of London School and at St John's College, Cambridge, where he was senior classics fellow and a college fellow. After ordination and marriage he was appointed, when only twenty-six, to head his old school, which he served from 1865 to 1889, becoming one of the most celebrated headmasters of his age.

Kevin Stone graduated with honors from Pratt Institute in 1994. He has been published in numerous periodicals and books. He runs the blog Good Design Is Good.

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A Romance of Many Dimensions

by Edwin A. Abbott
New Illustrations by Kevin Stone

Garrett County Press Digital Edition

90 pages
science fiction
cover design by Kevin Stone

$6.99 U.S.

Ebook: Kindle, iBooks, NOOK, Google, Kobo
One of the greatest science fiction books ever written; Flatland is now available with new illustrations from brilliant illustrator Kevin Stone. Follow the Flatland narrator as he discovers new lands, people and dimensions in a witty and inspiring fantasy. Not only an insightful introduction to the fourth dimension or a biting satire of Victorian England, Flatland is an unforgettable reminder of how imagination can transcend material reality, politics and ignorance.



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