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Richard A. Hawley is a lifelong teacher and writer. For nearly four decades he taught English, philosophy, and history and at Cleveland's University School. For seventeen years, until his retirement, he served as the school's Headmaster. He has published twenty five books, including several novels, selections of poetry, an opera libretto, and a number of non-fiction books, principally about children and schools. He lives in Ripton, Vermont, with his wife the painter and fabric artist Mary Hawley.
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The Headmaster's Papers
The Headmaster's Papers
A Novel
by Richard A. Hawley

229 pages

cover by Kevin Stone

$9.99 (U.S.)

Garrett County Press
Digital Edition

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John Greeve is the headmaster. The 30 years of his life at The Wells School have been rich, challenging, and full of meaning. But now John Greeve's precisely ordered world is crumbling. The values he so passionately believes in are being threatened by forces he cannot accept. John Greeve is a man at the crossroads fighting for the decency of his school, for the survival of his family-and, finally, stripped of everything, for his very life.

"An extraordinary novel-warm and very human, moving and quite special. It is also a superb portrait of an independent school."
--Publisher's Weekly

"The Headmaster's Papers [is] an epistolary novel so heartbreaking that no one is likely to surpass its emotional effect in letter form."
--John Irving

"[The Headmaster's Papers] provides readers with an excellent view of many problems surfacing today in public and private schools."
--Rock Hill Herald

"Comparisons with Louis Auchincloss' The Rector of Justin will be inevitable, and many readers will give this novel the edge...The charm of the novel lies in the felicity of the epistolary prose, in Greeve's remarks to students, and even in his innermost memos, which, with philosophic humor, reveal the spirit of the man himself."
--Boston Globe

"I enjoyed The Headmaster's Papers. [Hawley] vividly describes the nightmare of a teacher who tries to form the mind and character of youth today against the hopeless odds of, not just a ship, but a fleet of 'liberal' fools."
--Louis Auchincloss

"Wry humor and stylistic elegance are consistent..A reminder of the power of the written word to purge, to soothe, to share."
--Cleveland Plain Dealer

"A real little gem...Talks luminously to any teacher, anywhere or any time."
--John Hicks, The Massachusetts Review

"An admirable picture of the care and energy and the passion that go into good teaching."
--Marie Winn, author of Children Without Childhood

"Marvelous entertainment...Muriel spark gave us Jean Brodie, John Knowles gave us Gene Forrester, and now Richard Hawley has given us John Greeve."
--The Dayton Journal-Herald

"Richard Hawley's The Headmaster's Papers continues to be very highly recommended as a powerful saga of courage and adapting to the unexpected."
--The Midwest Book Review


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