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"A-No. 1" is Leon Ray Livingston (1872-1944) one of the most famous hobos who ever lived. He wrote and self-published many books on hobo culture and train travel.
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From Coast to Coast with Jack London
From Coast to Coast with Jack London

by A-No. 1

Garrett County Press Digital

133 pages

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Another edition of the Hobo series as told by A No.1, this time featuring the famed Jack London. Many are familiar with his social activism and literary classics, Call of the Wild and White Fang, but here we have an intimate travelogue of the man behind the legend. Even before his rise to greatness, A-No. 1 can sense something special in the young Jack London and reluctantly agrees to his persistent requests to partner up for a grand hobo trip across the states from New York to Oakland. This is a rare inside glimpse of a true man amongst men, building his character through the trials and tribulations of the hobo life and hopping trains from coast to coast. And of course, this includes all the danger, thrills, violence, earnestness, wit and wisdom we've come to expect from tramp extraordinaire. Coast to Coast with Jack London is a slice of history too real to ever be in a history book and written as only an insider could. The hobo series is a primer on subculture, counterculture, and anti-authoritarianism -- a must for any train fanatic or anyone intrigued by the lives of hoboes and tramps and life in general.



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