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Michele Nash-Hoff has been president of the San Diego Electronics Network, the San Diego Chapter of the Electronics Representatives Association, and The High Technology Foundation, as well as several professional and non-profit organizations.
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"What a great history lesson on American manufacturing. We as Americans need to stop the loss of manufacturing jobs and this book is the best way to start the turnaround. A must read for anyone who cares about our country."
--Donald Schlotfelt, President, Pacific Metal Stampings

Can American Manufacturing Be Saved?
Can American Manufacturing Be Saved?
Why We Should and How We Can
by Michele Nash-Hoff

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459 pages
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$9.99 U.S.

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This book details how manufacturing developed in America through the industrial revolution and labor movement, analyzes the impact of outsourcing offshore and our nation's trade policies, looks at what various organizations are doing to try to help save American manufacturing, and what we can do as individuals from the perspective of business owners, employees, consumers, and voters to save American manufacturing. Author Michele Nash-Hoff argues that we will not be able to save American manufacturing unless we develop a national manufacturing strategy and change our trade policies. She supports a "Buy American" policy, recommends preventing the sale of strategic U.S.-owned companies to foreign companies, and enacting legislation to prevent corporations from avoiding income taxes by incorporating in a foreign country. The 2012 edition also describes the "Reshoring Initiative" and considers the reasons why companies are returning manufacturing back to America from Asia.


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