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Harvey Rachlin is the award-winning author of thirteen books. He has written for the New York Times and numerous other publications.
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Jumbo's Hide
Jumbo's Hide, Elvis's Ride, and the Tooth of Buddha
More Marvelous Tales of Historical Artifacts
by Harvey Rachlin

372 pages

cover by Kevin Stone

$6.99 (U.S.)

Garrett County Press
Digital Edition

Ebook: Kindle, iBooks, NOOK, Google, Kobo

Once again historian Harvey Rachlin uncovers odd and stirring stories behind some of the most fascinating objects in the world. "Jumbo's Hide," Publisher's Weekly writes, "is entertaining and enlightening...a pageant of human aspiration, achievement, obsession, and belief." Artifacts explored include: The truce flag that ended World War I, The Maltese Falcon, John Adam's pigtail and Jesse James' Stickpin and Galileo's middle finger.

"In an irresistible, edifying romp through the centuries, Rachlin uses artifacts as portals to the past as he skips from a venerated tooth preserved in a Sri Lankan temple, believed to have come from Buddha's mouth, to the metal folding table on which the Japanese signed WWII surrender documents in 1945 and the Apollo 13 command module that carried astronauts through a scorching reentry."
--Publisher's Weekly


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