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The Homeland Guide to London
The Homeland Guide to London
Post-War London Fully Described
W.G. Morris

Garrett County Press
Digital Edition

140 detail packed pages

Travel/Europe/Great Britain

$.99 U.S.

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Historic buildings, museums, street plans and photographs make up one of the most detailed guides of London ever published. Perfect for the contemporary time-traveler, the guide covers religion, history, antiquities, literary associations and presents entertaining "footpath rambles of the neighborhoods." Released in 1947 by The Homeland Association (founded in 1896), the guide is an amazing love letter to the city of London and Great Britain.

Publisher's Note:

THIS guide has been planned to enable you to find your way about London with ease and to visit not only all the well-known sights of the Metropolis but also to see some of its many features of interest which, because they are not so familiar are likely to be missed.

The book has been written in its entirety since the finish of the Second World War, and as far as is possible with a guide to London is completely up-to-date.

The ten tours have been arranged so that starting from a well-known point you will, in your walk through the streets of the district, be able to see and visit the places of interest in the area.

The plans have been specially designed to facilitate the finding of any particular building. In the description each place has been given a number and a reference to that number on the plan will indicate its exact position. Before commencing to view London you are recommended to read the chapter dealing with the history of the city. Some knowledge of the story of London will give you a more full appreciation of its sights and a keener enjoyment to your walks through its streets.

As you make your way about, keep a look-out for the many plaques upon the walls of the buildings; some of these commemorate the residence of distinguished occupants, others indicate events of historic importance and others mark the sites of noteworthy buildings of the past.

If you are new to London, the chapter, "How to Travel in London" will give you some useful information on getting about with a minimum of trouble, time and expense. For the benefit of those who have but a few hours in the Metropolis a round trip is given whereby the principal sights can be seen during the course of a single day and for those with more time at their disposal some of the interesting places around London are included.



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