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Harvey Rachlin is the award-winning author of thirteen books. He has written for the New York Times and numerous other publications.
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Lucy's Bones
Lucy's Bones, Sacred Stones, & Einstein's Brain
The Remarkable Stories Behind the Great Objects and Artifacts of History, From Antiquity to the Modern Era
by Harvey Rachlin

309 pages

cover by Kevin Stone

$6.99 (U.S.)

Garrett County Press
Digital Edition

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Leap across time with bestselling author Harvey Rachlin as he collects over 50 of the most fascinating objects in the world, under one book. The Mounted Hide of Stonewall Jackson's Battle Horse, The Black Obelisk, The Rosetta Stone, George Washington's False Teeth, Vice Admiral Lord Nelson's Uniform Coat, The Elephant Man's Skeleton, and Lincoln's Death Bed are just some of the objects Rachlin explores with wit, pick and an amazing sense of spectacle. Publisher's Weekly calls Lucy's Bone's, Sacred Stones, and Einstein's Brain "entertaining and enlightening." Library Journal declares Rachin's work "fascinating." Parade says it is "detailed and authoritative." It is also intensely moving as Rachlin weaves together seemingly disparate histories into a holistic statement that celebrates human endeavor.

"Every so often a book comes along that provides what one might call a condensed version of the Smithsonian Institution, that is, a guide to some of the odder and more amusing byways of historical research. Just so, in Rachlin's diverting volume."
--The Washington Post Book World

"A fascinating trivia book . . . sprightly and often witty . . . soundly researched."
--Library Journal

"Anyone who has ever thought that reading about history is dull should pick up a copy of Lucy's Bones, Sacred Stones, and Einstein's Brain: The Remarkable Stories Behind the Great Objects and Artifacts of History. In this wonderful book, author Harvey Rachlin has found a unique way to tell us about the past, by relating the fascinating stories behind more than 50 priceless objects that have come to represent a particular time or place . . . This is a terrific book. Rachlin is a lively writer, his subjects are provocative, and best of all, he has discovered a very effective way to explore history. It is truly enlightening to see the most important moments of the past come alive when we examine the artifacts that have survived to reveal the stories of their times."
--Dorothy Rompalske, A&E Monthly

"Clear and straightforward . . . From the most holy to the most bizarre (sometimes combining the two), this book covers the breadth of human and pre-human history."
--Charlotte Observer

"This is intriguing reading. Where else are you apt to find the skinny on the Book of Kells, the Hope Diamond and George Washington's false teeth in one handy volume?"
--The Seattle Times

"Wry humor and stylistic elegance are consistent..A reminder of the power of the written word to purge, to soothe, to share."
--Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Thoroughly researched and entertainingly presented."
--The Boston Sunday Herald

"This book is perfect for learning about well-known artifacts and miscellaneous historical stuff. The histories and legends are lively accounts of who, what, when, how, and sometimes why."
--The Bloomsbury Review

"Entertaining and enlightening . . . a pageant of human aspiration, achievement, obsession and belief."
--Publisher's Weekly


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