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Mykel Board has written dozens of freelance articles and seventeen novels under pseudonyms. Maximum Rock'n'Roll has been printing his column for more than 20 years. His essays have appeared in several anthologies including Bisexual Politics, Hayworth Press and Good Advice for Young People, Last Gasp Press.
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The highly praised book about Mongolia by Mykel Board...

Even A Daughter Is Better Than Nothing
Even A Daughter Is Better Than Nothing
by Mykel Board
isbn: 9781891053009

design by Karen Ocker
334 pages, softcover
travel: mongolia

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This is the true story of Mykel Board's journey into Outer Mongolia. Part black comedy, part travelogue, part memoir, Even A Daughter Is Better Than Nothing (the title is taken from a Mongolian proverb) recounts, among other things, a year of: teaching English at the National University in Ulaanbaatar, getting lost in the Gobi Desert, meeting the only rock band in Mongolia, having dinner with an arms dealer in China, sparring with Mongolian pro-wrestlers, witnessing a bizarre visit by Hillary Clinton and ritual sheep slaughter.

" "...[A]n unusual, entertaining, and refreshingly low-brow, portrait of Mongolia."
--Jennifer Bassett, KGB LIT

"[Even A Daughter Is Better Than Nothing] is a unique and powerful view of an odd man at the end of the world."
--Sean Carswell, Razorcake

"This is a bighearted travelogue that at once captures the sense of adventure, humor, frustration, resilience, and magnetism that one man experienced on the other side of the world. I give this my highest recommendation."
--Golnar Nikpour, Maximum Rock'n'Roll

"Calling either Even a Daughter or its kin a "travel book" isn't right. They're travel books in the same way Dante's "Inferno" is religious fiction. They're so voraciously expansive that they defy the little "t" travel section and stroll casually into the hall of big "T" Travel books, like the ones written by badasses with names like Naipaul, Theroux and Steinbeck."
--Jim Norton, Flak Magazine

"As if The Travels of Marco Polo had been written by Sir Richard Burton."
--Bob Black

"It's funny and true -- some people may find Board eccentric, but I find his bent point of view remarkably sane."
--Jennifer Blowdryer, NY Press

"Mykel brings his unique and often inflammatory world view with him everywhere he lands and the Mongol hordes will never be the same."
--Dale Ashmun, Screw Magazine

"[Board's] obsession with sex parallels his obsession with Mongolia..."
--Publisher's Weekly

"I couldn't put it down even though I knew it wasn't good for me."
--Pocketful of Change #4


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