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Kevin Stone graduated with honors from Pratt Institute in 1994. He has been published in numerous periodicals and books. He lives in the shadow of Sing Sing prison in New York where he toils on his "manifesto" that will some day change the world.

We asked 56 artists to "color in" the Pat Robertson & Friends Coloring Book. Here are the incredible results, hosted on Powells.com.

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Pat Robertson Cover
Pat Robertson & Friends Coloring Book
illustrated by Kevin Stone
Additional Commentary by Mackie Blanton
isbn: 1891053957

Design by Kevin Stone
28 pages
Softcover. Saddle Stitched. Nonfiction.

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We asked 56 artists to "color in" the Pat Robertson & Friends Coloring Book. Here are the incredible results, hosted on Powells.com.

Fundamentalists, politicians, journalists and criminals ... meet them all in this easy-to-understand guide to the world of Pat Robertson.

According to Pat Robertson "75 to 80 percent of the illnesses in the United States are psychosomatic," and George W. Bush promised there would be no casualties in the Iraq War. Artist Kevin Stone illustrates these and other quotes from Barbara Bush, Jerry Falwell, Ann Coulter and many others in the Pat Robertson and Friends Coloring Book. Also included is a Pat Robertson Paper Doll, and commentary from Mackie Blanton.

Mackie Blanton, Ph.D., is a pro bono Associate of the Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute of New Orleans/New York. He is currently a Senior Fulbright Lecturer at Ege Universitesi, Izmir, Turkey in Contemporary Cultural and Literary Critical Theory.

"But why should we hear about body bags, and deaths ... Or, I mean, it's, it's not relevant. So, why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"
--Barbara Bush, March 18, 2003

"Did you know that Pat Robertson, through rigorous training, leg-pressed 2,000 pounds?"
--The Christian Broadcasting Network Website

"Now, further evidence that the creators of the series intend for Tinky Winky to be a gay role model have surfaced. He is purple -- the gay-pride color; and his antenna is shapped like a triangle."
--Rev. Jerry Falwell, on Teletubbies, December 13, 2005

"We have been led by its Patriarchs over the long life of monotheism to believe that tolerance is always only the tolerance of a necessary evil, or is always only the begrudging acceptance of another's way of being, or the resentful acceptance in our midst of another's merely being."
--Mackie Blanton from his commentary in the
Pat Robertson & Friends Coloring Book

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