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Richard Martin Stern

Richard Martin Stern (1915-2001) is the author of Brood of Eagles and the Johnny Oritz mystery series. The Bright Road to Fear won the 1959 Edgar Award for Best First Novel. He passed away on October 31, 2001 in Santa Fe, NM.

Photo by Dorthy Stern

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The Tower
The Tower
by Richard Martin Stern

343 pages

action and adventure

cover by Kevin Stone

$2.99 (U.S.)

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This is the incredible suspense novel that inspired the famous movie The Towering Inferno staring Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway and William Holden. The World Communications Center is a glittering skyscraper that is fatally flawed in its design, compromised through dubious means. On opening night the building's systems fail spectacularly and the structure descends into violence and chaos, trapping the VIP guests of a gala opening celebration. It is up to the assembled governors and mayors, millionaires, government officials and ambassadors to find common cause if they are ever to survive the tower. Master storyteller Richard Martin Stern has crafted a six-hour thrill ride that leaves adrenal glands empty and jaws unhinged -- The Tower is a suspense classic that is not easily forgotten.

"The Tower by Richard Martin Stern is one of the tightest suspense novels I have ever read. Packing the entire action of a full-length novel into less than five hours is a major technical accomplishment, to say nothing of delineating nearly a dozen major characters so that the reader is agonizingly concerned with their fate up to the last lines of the book. More than that, the author has managed to infuse life into a mighty building to the point where the reader actually feels the pain of its death throes, as if the suffering were his own."
-- Frank G. Slaughter

The Tower was a main selection of the Playboy Book Club.

To read the Stern's New York Times obituary, click here.


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