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Leon Ray Livingston

"A No. 1" is Leon Ray Livingston (1872-1944) one of the most famous hobos who ever lived. He wrote and self-published many books on hobo culture and train travel.

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trail of the tramp
The Trail of the Tramp

by A-No. 1

Garrett County Press Digital

136 pages

.99 U.S.

Ebook: iBooks, Nook, Google, Kobo, Diesel
It is recommended the reader drink moonshine before reading this hardnosed edition of A No. 1's hobo story cycle, which presents cautionary tales of clueless youth corrupted by the road. Lessons covered include "do unto others before they do unto you" and the difference between yeggars (who steal and rob) and plingers (a begging class). As is the case with all A. No. 1 books, the hobo stories are richly illustrated with beautiful early American prints and cartoons. First published in 1913.


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