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George G. Evans was a writer and publisher who lived in Washington, DC.
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A Complete Guide for Washington and Its Environs
A Complete Guide for Washington and Its Environs
With over one hundred photo illustrations made expressly for this work.

by George G. Evans

Garrett County Press Digital

84 pages

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An astounding achievement in research and writing, the Guide for Washington is a rare and beautiful book for visitors and time travelers alike. Published in 1892, the aim of the book is to present, with care and reverence, the unbelievable story of the United States Capital -- how it grew from a muggy tidal plain into one of the most magnificent cities in America. Over 100 illustrations, carefully executed by the best artists, embrace the Capitol and other Government buildings, and all the prominent features of the City of Washington and its environs. Special attention has been paid to the chapter on Mount Vernon and the Washington Family.


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