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"The temps, in their own words, let us know what it is all about. Let's not kid ourselves. Temp is a euphemism for day laborer. George and Lennie are no longer merely ranch hands. They work in law firms, banks, insurance companies and in your own workplace."
--Studs Terkel


"Anger, loneliness, fear, and occasionally some satisfaction -- these are some of the feelings temporary workers face, and they emerge in the Best of Temp Slave, a collection of essays recently put out by Garrett County Press."
--Stephen Franklin, Chicago Tribune


"...A disturbing, eye-opening and possibly invaluable social document." 
--Arthur SalmSan Diego Union-Tribune


"Read a few of these stories, then try imagining what the writers have to look forward to when they hit retirement age. Scary stuff." 
--Dave BeckerWisconsin State Journal


"By turning a much-needed light on the hypocrisy and inhumanity which constitute the Big Lie of this post-industrial, "service" economy, Jeff Kelly has made Temp Slave! one of the most popular zines in the country."
--Tim Hall, The New York Hangover


"Temp Slave pulls the coffee stained rug out from under the corporate spin boys and their schemes for you and I." 


"I raced through Best of Temp Slave! like Evelyn Wood on amphetamines. Not only is it a valuable document and an essential oral history and all that, it's a hell of a lot of fun to read."
--Jason Toon, Maximum Rock'n'Roll


"Temp Slave! is a biting collection of articles, essays, and cartoons - all by temps who've lived what they write about."
--Fast Company


"Near-postal temps will love TS, saluting it as the bible on which they balance their coffee mugs. Everyone else will love the pretty pictures." 
--Metro Active


Best of Temp Slave! features stories and art by Brendan Bartholomew, Ivan Brunetti, Clay Butler, Jessica Cohen, Steve Conroy, Dew U. Care, Dishwasher Pete, Terry Everton, Lisa Falour, Debbie Goad, Sean Guillory, Paul Heller, Joe Horne, Jack Kear, KEFFO, Don MacKeen, David Noon, Paul T. Olson, Heidi Pollock, Lee Reiherzer, Malcom Riviera, Trevor Rigler, Leah Ryan, Pete Sickman-Garner, Sam Smucker, Bob Thompson and Kelly Winters.

Best of Temp Slave! edited by Jeff Kelly

  • Paperback: 176 pages

    ISBN: 1891053426


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