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This is the story of how Maximum Rock'n'Roll Columnist Mykel Board spent a year teaching English at the Mongolian National University in Ulaanbaatar. From getting lost in the Gobi Desert to stirring fights in a Mongolian disco, Board teeters through the heart of contemporary Mongolian culture with the class, humor and buffoonery of a modern-day Charlie Chaplin.


"As if The Travels of Marco Polo had been written by Sir Richard Burton."

Bob Black


"Calling either Even a Daughter or its kin a "travel book" isn't right. They're travel books in the same way Dante's "Inferno" is religious fiction. They're so voraciously expansive that they defy the little "t" travel section and stroll casually into the hall of big "T" Travel books, like the ones written by badasses with names like Naipaul, Theroux and Steinbeck."

Jim Norton

Even A Daughter Is Better Than Nothing by Mykel Board

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